Grades 5 - 6 Learning to Code


This course is designed for 5th graders and above. It is a great way to channelize the kid who is interested in Games to think about designing one of his own.

Game Maker is a great object oriented programming tool that lets you design and program games with incredible graphics. Even though to use the full featured Game Maker takes a lot of skill and knowledge, 5th graders will be able to understand and grasp object oriented principles of software design by simply dragging and dropping objects, sprites, events and actions and in the process create their own games.

As they progress, they will be able to write Game Maker code and design complicated logic for their games. GameMaker creates executable games that can be played on PCs, Macs, Android Smartphones as well as iPhones.

An advanced Game Maker Pro developer (age not withstanding) will eventually design and make his own games and sell them on the Android and iPhone platforms.

This graphical user interface tool is used in more than 5000 forward thinking schools in the UK. Please visit the Game Maker site for more information.

Primary Objectives:  Create interest in kids to appreciate a programmed environment.

Create interest in kids towards programming.

Explore the more creative aspects of game development and encourage kids to develop and play their own games.

Make kids aware of object oriented and event driven game development concepts.

Consistently ranked #1 as the “Most Popular Coding Language“, learning Python will enable your child to build programs that are used in many domains; Eg. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. With a strong foundation in computational thinking from our earlier graphics-based programming courses, students will now pick up the syntax and structure of Python and take their first step into real-world programming. Suitable for ages 10 and up.

Primary Objectives:  Understanding the basic constructs of programming – Sequence, Selection and Iteration

Understand the students interest levels in a more structured programming course

Prepares students for the Core Python course






A Static web page will be built in this short-term course. All components of a website including menus, html, cascading style sheets, frames, including media will be taught.

How does the web operate ? How does the content we ask from a site far far away reach us ? What is a domain ? What is a client, what is the server ? These and more questions like these which our students should know will be answered and taught.

Where does Java Script fit in will also be shown. Scripting will not be taught in this course and will be part of a long-term dynamic web design course.

Objectives : 1. Understanding how the web works and implementing websites.

2. Learn and gain an understanding of all components that go into making a web site.