Grades 9 and up Advanced Programming




This program takes off from where we left off with Introducing Python. This course will teach the student how to build applications that can be used by them. This will introduce them to new modules in Python, and how they can enrich their programming experience by utilizing pre-built modules.

Object Oriented programming principles are used extensively in this course which is essential in being able to leverage existing class based frameworks in programming and designing applications. Graphical User Interface design techniques are also taught in this course using PyQt4 toolkit which is extensively used in the industry. We use sqLite database and teach the students concepts of database design, SQL statements, and how to integrate the database into the Python front-end so that data can be entered,changed and displayed in the application.


AP Java

Teaches students the constructs and the exam taking skills required to master this Advanced Placement course which is usually taken in Grade 11.

We do the all the labs and solve multiple choice questions to prepare for the exam. We also devote a significant amount of time in learning to write programs which is a requisite skill for solving the Free Response Section of the paper. Since the test involves a lot of code writing this course prepares the student to think logically and write code on paper as opposed to the Core Java course which concentrated on writing programs in the computer(Eclipse, BlueJ IDEs).