About Us

Intellitrak currently in Adarsh Palm Retreat - Bangalore is a schoolhouse where people of all ages and backgrounds can come together. Started in 2012, over 1200 kids have attended various courses in software development at Intellitrak so far. We have an interesting take on education. Our kids need an inspiration  to start coding. We will inspire them, and we will teach them. For a few hours a week, in a couple of years your kids will have an alternative career to choose from.


Intellitrak, believes in the model of education with a difference. The more the children are exposed to, the more you learn about their strengths and the better you are equipped to understand their likes and dislikes. The problems they have to deal with in real life are far different from what they deal with in school. And to tackle that, Intellitrak always bases all its courses on real world problems. We believe that students learn best when they deal with such problems. The problems that emanate out of projects are solved by the students themselves and solving such problems repeatedly, make them more confident in handling bigger tasks, bigger projects and more complex problems.


Every child is different, and our small classroom sizes ensure that we can let the children progress at their own speed. Our simultaneous focus on solving logical and lateral thinking problems will strengthen the students’ ability to solve such problems when it comes to competitive examinations as well.


Intellitrak’s main focus will always be to provide that ‘something extra’ to the kids, so that they are learning something new and ‘zara hatke’ from the boards and syllabus prescribed in schools. We also make sure kids are exposed to the current happenings in the technology world. After all, who would have thought 5 years back that Machine Learning will become one of the most important fields of study in the near future.




Anand Parasuram, Founder and CEO of Intellitrak, has been working in the IT industry for more than 25 years. After serving in various different capacities in the Corporate industry, his passion towards teaching took him to this new venture which imparts quality software education to kids that is  more in line with today’s world. He believes that every child has a potential and it is important to give this field a try as computer science today is the fastest growing and the most global of any engineering disciplines.  Any course at Intellitrak will definitely introduce the child to what this field is about and if this is something he or she should pursue as a profession. Even if not, an understanding of coding helps ….. definitely.




Sobha Anand, the Co-Founder and Business Head of Intellitrak comes with several years of IT industry experience. Her passion to work with children helps her bond with them and create an out of box thinking in the classes.



Akash Anand, is a student at IIT Madras. A keen student of Physics and Mechanics, Akash has high aspirations about education. He has been coding since the age of 10, and is always in the forefront when it comes to any sort of coding clubs / competitions etc. An integral part of Intellitrak, he helps in curriculum development and works on CS Principles project and evaluation of educational programs. He is the primary educator when it comes to Intellitrak’s foray into helping underprivileged kids and various community programs.