What is Python? Why Python?

Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics.

Simply put, Python is a very easy language to start learning. Small kids from the 6th or 7th grade onwards can learn this language to perform simple tasks. 

It is an excellent language to develop your fundamentals. It is an excellent language to scale up. By that I mean, you will never stop learning Python. A Python Guru would be someone who has intensely done huge projects using Python for 5 years or thereabouts. Scalable means kids can keep using it towards doing complex projects. Corporate IT uses Python in a variety of applications including apps for Androids. And all industry experts agree Python is here for the long haul.

Python is widely accepted as a programming tool of choice in the Cambridge and IB curriculum. Python is extensively used in the industry today to build huge systems. It is available free of cost  (open source) and can be downloaded into your computer at home.  Python is used to build mobile apps today. Python will be here for a long time to stay because all industry experts opine that there never has been a better and more concise language than Python. Hundreds of lines of program can be written in 5 lines or less. This is an important reason why Python is so widely accepted in the corporate world and why it will stay for a long long time.

Do you want to hear more about why your kid should start learning Python ? Contact me or google it up. See what the industry is saying about this great new programming language.



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Our kids need an inspiration to start coding. We will inspire them, and we will teach them. For a few hours a week, in a couple of years your kids will have analternative career to choose from.

Python/Java is now the most popular introductory teaching language at top US Universities. To learn more about what they teach at the top US Universities please read this article :


Currently ongoing... we started batches in August 2019. Classes usually run for 7-8 months.

Java AP Class (prepping for May 2020 exam)

Core Python

Core Java

Creating Python Applications

Learning to code using Basic Python

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Python for AI

Chatbots are our new love. Chatbots are the new beginning. Chatbots are the new apps. I can continue it for ages. However, everything you should know is that chatbots are new online assistants that provide different services via chatting.

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